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Content Guidelines

Statement of Principles:

McLaughlin Family Companies want to help our customers create products with designs that are meaningful and creative. Our customers are diverse, which is reflected in the designs they create.

In rare cases a design proposed by a customer may be offensive or threatening to others who see the design. In such cases, we use the following guidelines to balance our customers’ design with the standards, values and expectations of the McLaughlin Family Companies and the public. When a design does not meet our Content Guidelines, we will make every effort to work with the customer to try to create an alternate design that complies with the guidelines below.

Content Guidelines:

McLaughlin Family Companies’ Content Guidelines provide guidance for customers in the design process. The descriptions under each category are not meant to be exhaustive, and the ultimate decision on whether to approve a design, or not, will always rest with McLaughlin Family Companies’ Content Guidelines team.

McLaughlin Family Companies will not print designs that:

  • Violate the intellectual property rights of others (to include using registered trademarks without permission)
  • Encourage violence or hate against individuals or groups
  • Attack, harass, or defame others based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, disability, national origin, or sexual identity
  • Include hate speech or symbols
  • Promote, feature, or encourage the use of drugs
  • Include sexually suggestive images or text (including nudity)
  • Promote, feature, or encourage underage drinking
  • Promote, feature or encourage illegal activities

McLaughlin Family Companies may not print or may require changes to designs that:

  • Include crass vulgarity, lewd language, or profanity
  • Involve violent terms or images
  • Might cause public outrage or inspire violence due to a recent event
  • Include other content that would be offensive to the McLaughlin Family Companies content team

McLaughlin Family Companies will print designs that:

  • Use language and images appropriate for adults and children of all ages
  • Create a sense of community and are not likely to offend individuals or groups
  • Support intellectual property rights by using authorized images and content, including those owned or legally authorized to be used by the customer

Additionally, McLaughlin Family Companies has the sole discretion to reject any order that it considers libelous, defamatory, obscene, profane (according to standards established by the FCC), portraying irresponsible use of alcohol or other substances, advocating persecution based on gender, age, race, religion, disability or national origin, containing explicit sexual content or is otherwise inappropriate for McLaughlin Family Companies production.